Working in crypto: 5 cryptocurrency related careers


Are you fascinated by everything related to and cryptocurrencies, and are you convinced that is the ? And are you looking for a career jump at the same time? Then take a look at these promising options.

A fulltime crypto

The easiest job is one that already exists, but you need to get creative. These are jobs that require a trader to switch from one to another in order to make a profit. The requirement is to become a crypto or bear, a crypto trader who constantly monitors and makes informed decisions based on various factors. As a crypto trader, you can earn a considerable amount of money, but it also comes with a great risk.

A good cryptocurrency trader must consider the relationship between risk and reward. Risk management assesses uncertainty and the likelihood of a trade’s negative outcomes. A good trader, on the other hand, can never avoid risk because risk and potential returns are positively linked. The greater the risk you take, the greater the reward if you succeed.

We can say that blockchain technology is perhaps the most famous, well-known and fastest growing area of technology today. Blockchain is the backbone of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets and is the most talked about technology right now.

Some believe it has the potential to change and revolutionize almost every industry. Some others believe that it is nothing more than a fad or a bubble that will soon burst. They argue that the technology is not yet mature, the surrounding it is overwhelming, and the industry is full of fraudulent activity. But the fact is, blockchain doesn’t build itself! There are a lot of jobs at companies for building blockchain-related technology.

Every entrepreneur and is looking for solutions to problems and considering the use of Blockchain technologies, such as Bitcoin. With blockchain technologies, companies are able to make more informed decisions and improve their business.


As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more popular, the general public becomes more interested. This also means that the demand for financial advisors who understand crypto will increase. Of course, to become an accredited financial advisor, you have to go through training.

in the and PR

We’ve listed quite a few open positions for PR and media staff that deserve your attention. Pay attention to the job ads that contain information about bitcoin-related positions, it’s a good sign.

A recent job ad on the Greek job-oriented platform Pasithea about a bitcoin-related PR job posting generated a lot of media attention in the Greek press. The front page of the job posting states, “As one of the leading PR consulting and international marketing companies in Greece with a strong history in PR for business, we offer attractive opportunities in electronics, , technology and business media in an in-demand field.”

Fundraising-related positions

It is difficult to get a job in cryptocurrency without having a background in finance, as roles in the crypto space are largely concentrated. For those looking to pursue a career in the field, there is an open opportunity for fundraising-related positions.

With many open positions, companies are looking for talented people from all over the world and you can easily do your work remotely.

You can find a lot of crypto related jobs here and here.

Are you already in the crypto industry? Let us know below! We’re very curious to hear about your experiences.

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