Why Cardano could change everything in Ethiopia


and have formed a relationship, according to the press relations account of IOHK, the established by Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano. Cardano will use to classify students and check their attendance in class as part of this initiative.

Atala Prism, a identity authentication technology, will be used to power the device. When fully operating, this system will serve 3,500 campuses, a total of 5 million pupils, and 750,000 teachers. Each student can obtain their credentials and certificates on the blockchain, allowing them to be quickly verified. Around the same time, the government plans to offer tablets and continuous connectivity to both teachers and students.

However, as part of its crackdown on an insurgent group active in the province, the Ethiopian government routinely cuts internet connectivity in the Tigray region.

This program intents to ensure that students are present in class while simultaneously cracking down on report cards and score falsification. is a critical problem for Africa since it is a vehicle for liberation and social mobility.

This is not Cardano’s first project in Ethiopia; in 2018, Cardano and Ethiopia collaborated to establish Agritech in Ethiopia. One of the continent’s biggest threats is feeding a developing population in deteriorating climatic conditions.

Ethiopia is a global transition leader in Africa. The with Cardano is part of the country’s ambitious plan. The country’s digital development strategy encompasses all industries, including major economic reforms and plans to establish Ethiopia’s first stock .

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