Bitcoin and altcoins have made significant corrections, Dogecoin remains stable

Last week went so well for that it managed to reach a new all-time high (ATH) of $64,480 on crypto Coinbase. However, it turned out that was the end of the party for now. After that, the price fell step by step back towards $60,000.

That’s where the race finally arrived last night. It then remained to be seen whether $60,000 would be confirmed as support. That turned out not to be the case. The price fell through the $60,000 and 4-hour 50- Moving Average (MA) and lost almost 16% in overnight.

The low point of the plunge so far is $51,300. has since recovered nicely and the market’s largest is at a price of $56,408 on Coinbase. It’s not yet clear exactly where the correction is coming from. It is possible that a chain reaction is the cause. For example, we see that as much as $10 billion worth of futures and options have been liquidated in the market due to the sudden drop.

The situation was not much different for altcoins. Ethereum (ETH) is down 8.3% compared to 24 hours ago. However, that was almost 20% at the bottom of the slump. Ripple (XRP) is currently down 16% and worth $1.40. Cash (BCH) is down the most.

The current number 10 has lost 21% in and is on the verge of falling out of the top 10. Curiously, Dogecoin (DOGE) is currently still in 7th place with a 7% drop. All in all, a red start to Sunday.

Many people have entered the world in recent weeks. It is becoming more and more common. For those who think they can make a quick buck with Bitcoin – a managed by computer networks outside of governments – there’s an important caveat: The price fluctuates wildly. To get top returns, you have to get in and out at the right times – something few investors manage to do.

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