Understanding Market Cap

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One of the first and most important concepts beginners must understand is ‘Market Capitalization’. It will be difficult to navigate the crypto world without grasping this concept as it is one of the most commonly used methods of evaluating the size of a crypto project. is what we use to estimate the current of a -Currency, but it is also used as a tool for predicting the upside potential that your has.

How to

The ‘Market Capitalization’, or ‘Market Cap’, of an asset is its price, (in the case of this is the price of one token), multiplied by its total circulating supply. So, Market Cap = price of one x circulating supply


currently has a price of roughly $40,000 per $ and there are currently roughly 18,500,000 $BTC ($18.5 million) in circulation. Therefore the of is $740,000,000,000 ($740 billion).

How to use as a tool

can be a great way of determining the potential of a project. The lower the of a crypto-currency the less money (inputed into the crypto in total) required to multiply your investment. If A has an initial market cap of $5 and B has an initial market cap of $10, for A to be worth 2x more than it is initially it would require a growth of $5 in market cap, whereas for B to 2x it would require a growth of $10. So, it is harder for B to 2x than A. Understanding this principle can help you make money in crypto because it shows you that pursuing low market cap cryptos can offer the greatest returns. Market cap is a great way of determining the theoretical ‘ceiling’ of a crypto-currency. Comparing the market caps of similar crypto projects (i.e. tackling similar issues, e.g. comparing insurance cryptos to other insurance cryptos, or storage coins to other storage coins) you can estimate the future potential of a -currency.


Currently Gold has a of $12 trillion, if you believe that is the ‘digital gold’, and that it will challenge Gold as the primary store of /hedge against inflation, then a realistic ceiling for Bitcoin is a of $12 trillion. Therefore, for Bitcoin to be of equivalent value to Gold, Bitcoin would have to grow by over sixteen times what it is worth now. This would make 1 $ worth roughly $640,000. ($640,000 x $18,500,000 = $12 trillion) (price of one x circulating supply = Market Cap)

Furthermore, if you believe that has properties which make it better than gold (as a store of /hedge against inflation etc…) Bitcoin’s market cap could theoretically even surpass that of Gold’s.

Common Beginner Mistake

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is focusing too much on a crypto-currencies price rather than its Market Cap. The trading price of a does not tell you much that is relevant to your investment.


The price of $DOGE is $0.40 and the trading price of $LINK is $31. Many beginners will assume that they are earlier to $DOGE and that it is a better because the is cheaper. In actual fact $DOGE has a market cap of $56 billion compared to $LINK which has a market cap of $13 billion, meaning that $DOGE is already over 4 times larger than $LINK. Therefore, it will require less money inputed into $LINK for it to do 2x than for $DOGE to do 2x.

Market Cap vs Fully Diluted Market Cap

It is important to understand the difference between standard ‘Market Capitalization’ and ‘Fully Diluted Market Capitalization’. The difference is fairly simple. Market cap is calculated using the circulating supply of a token. Diluted Market Cap is calculated by using the total supply of a token.


The Market Cap of is $740 billion, whereas the Diluted Market Cap of Bitcoin is $840 billion. This is because the total supply of Bitcoin is 21 million $ but the circulating supply is only roughly 18 million $BTC. (For more info on why the circulating supply is different from the total supply look out for future articles)

How to find undervalued Alt-Coins using Market Cap

Live Nation Entertainment Inc. (LYV), the parent organisation of Ticketmaster has a market cap of $19 billion, this can be used as a realistic ceiling for other ticketing companies. Of course, this is not a realistic ceiling for all rival ticketing companies. But for ticketing companies who are innovative and objectively better, this can act as a good indication of the size of the relevant market and clearly absorbing even a small percentage of the market share from Ticketmaster can be extremely lucrative for competing companies and investors.

The alternative to standard ticketing services is ticketing, developed by Get Protocol. Get has a utility token called $GET, which currently has a market cap of only $70 million. This is more than 100x less than that of Live Nation Entertainment Inc. For more info on $GET check out this great article.


Market Cap is a great tool to have at your disposal, but it has its limitations. The way we determine which -Currencies to in involves utilising Market Cap, but also a host of other principles. We will soon be publishing our full Alt- investment strategy, which will outline all the other tools that we use. More in depth breakdowns of these crypto investment tools will happen in articles such as this one. Have a look at what we hold in our crypto portfolio here, follow us on Twitter for up to date News and Alt- Clues, and find more of our introduction to crypto articles here.

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