The Pump and Dump scheme explained

pump and dump

Falling for a is one of the drawbacks of crypto. If you want to start investing in cryptocurrency, don’t make this mistake.

You become interested in after seeing that a certain currency is unexpectedly gaining popularity. Then there’s a strong urge to put money into it. After all, everything with this is going swimmingly, right? However, if you spend money now, there’s a good risk you’ll lose it.

What is a scheme?

A is a scheme in which a group of people tries to profit by manipulating the of a coin. Through spreading false information and hyping a on social media, the coin’s popularity grows and its price rises.

The people of the pump and dump will then sell their coins for a profit. They did get in while the race was still going on, after all. The Sjaak are those who arrived later. The price of the crypto has fallen after the participants dumped (sold) it, and the rest are left with a loss.

These forms of pump and dumps are declared in groups on and Discord. The organizers simply notify you in advance of the next Pump and Dump’s date and time. The is only given a name when the time comes.

When the begins, the organizers are the only ones who have already invested in the coin. In other words, they benefit handsomely from it.

The managers often choose cryptocurrencies with a low and little volume. This makes manipulating the simpler.

Managers always select cryptocurrencies with a low valuation and little volume. This makes manipulating the simpler.

How to prevent falling into the scheme?

Always remember the adage: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” If you get a stock tip from someone you don’t know, think about why they would be so happy to share such details with you.

Don’t expect a big and fast return on your because it’s unlikely to happen. It’s also important to do your own research before making any investment. This should help you avoid being a victim of schemes.

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