The Shiba Inu Coin: the most successful Dogecoin parody coin

shiba inu coin

This year was the year of the meme: an image of a Inu surrounded by grammatically incorrect text in various colors. , a , was created in late 2013 as a result of the meme’s popularity (DOGE).

Nobody could have predicted at the time that the Dogecoin would become incredibly common and valuable. Dogecoin has also drawn the interest of multi-billionaire and owner since early 2021.

The popularity of Dogecoin drew the attention of other entrepreneurs. Shiba Inu, dubbed “DOGECOIN-KILLER” is one of these campaigns.

What exactly is a Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is a group development experiment. In the crypto universe of 2021, such a collaborative project idea is nothing new. and other related coins created a lot of buzz not long ago.

According to Shiba’s , this situation was inspiring, but due to corruption and a culture, it did not last long. Meanwhile, Shiba Inu’s were hard at work on a “100 percent community-driven cryptocurrency experiment”

Three different crypto currencies: , and

SHIB, LEASH, and BONE are the three crypto-coins that will make up the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

SHIB coin: The Shiba Inu project’s first token, which enables people to own billions or even trillions of them. Cryptocurrencies are, indeed, incredibly “cheap” In fact, it’s not very cheap because the overall market capitalization, not the price per crypto coin, determines how much a coin is worth.

The LEASH Token is the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s second token. As a result, the aim of this token is for its price to be related to the price of Dogecoin. Later, the LEASH token was determined to be a plain ERC-20 token, similar to SHIB.

The LEASH token, unlike the SHIB token, has a mega-limited availability of around 100,000 . As a result, the price of token is significantly higher than SHIB’s, but the overall is significantly lower.

BONE token: The BONE token is the third token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem and is currently not tradable. The BONE token would be converted into a governance token, allowing users to vote for it.

In the , you will be able to vote on which token pairs are specified on ShibaSwap using the BONE token. You have more voting privileges if you have more BONE tokens.

Final thoughts

The Shiba Inu initiative isn’t meant to be taken seriously. The project seems to be a hoax that has gotten out of control, similar to Dogecoin. Nonetheless, there is some construction work going on behind the scenes of the launch.

The ecosystem, for example, consists of three separate tokens, each of which can be deployed by token holders. In addition, an open is in the works, as well as a host of other .

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