Ripple will go public as soon as lawsuit is over


intends to go public after the case is resolved. That’s what SBI Group CEO Yoshitaka Kitao says during a conference call on April 28.

Ripple is reportedly involved in a legal battle with the US Securities and Commission (). The firm is guilty of illegally selling shares in exchange for (XRP).

SBI Group, Ripple’s biggest external shareholder, has long been an outspoken proponent of XRP, which is classified as a cryptocurrency in Japan. This year, the Japanese corporation should also predict a benefit distribution from Ripple. In December, Kitao said that Ripple’s legal situation in the United States will not have a direct impact on commercial dealings in the rest of the world.

, a major American cryptocurrency exchange, went public a few weeks ago, opting for a direct listing rather than an . Despite the litigation, the price of XRP increased dramatically in April.

Brad Garlinghouse believes “his” Ripple’s case against the US Securities and Exchange Commission will be successful. The investigation is now in its fifth month.

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